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Join Investor Club - Starts at 100AED

An E-Commerce Portal like this is not something you do alone and Kaseema Vouchers has grown up by choosing partners who reflect our core values.

Obviously, we also choose partners who have access to financial resources and who are prepared to devote themselves to the demands that the Vouchers Marketing sector demands.


We are looking for individuals who understand this market and who want exponential ROI.


Most importantly, any potential investors must love the concept of Kaseema Vouchers.


Application Process

Few candidates are able to go through the registration process and prove themselves deserving of becoming investors. We believe that investors are unique people.


Investor Responsibilities

  • Have bank credit, own resources and be financially sound.
  • The investor must have computer skills.

Personal Attributes

  • The investor needs to have strong, self-reliant and energetic personality with a downfall to investment.
  • Investors should consider their investment as a long-term investment. He / She should show commitment and have a loyal and consistent character.

What you can do with your club membership:

  • Access to Investor Backoffice
  • Browse available Deals
  • Invest into Deals (100 AED each)
  • Monitor ROI Performance
  • Browse ROI History
  • Cash Out Funds
  • Reinvest Funds into new deals


    Entrance fees: AED 100 per deal

    Exploration share: 10% per matched deal

    Duration of Contract: up to Deal expiration (1 to 3 months)



    If you meet the conditions above and feel that you have the profile indicated to embrace this project fill out the following form:

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